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Introducing Bravecto For Cats

It can be easy to overlook the needs of cats in terms of ectoparasites, especially for cats that live their lives mostly indoors.

One adult flea can live anywhere from two weeks to several months and will lay thousands of eggs over her lifetime. That’s for one flea and we all know there’s never just one flea. Once an infestation is established in your home, it takes a lot of time and money to get rid of it. In addition, fleas can spread tapeworms and bartonella, and their bite is extremely uncomfortable.  One flea can bite up to 400 times a day, so you can imagine the misery felt by animals with flea infestations. Flea bites can also contribute to allergies and skin problems.

BSAH recommends all cats be on some kind of flea prevention, even strictly indoor cats, because fleas won’t respect the doormat outside your home and would love nothing more than to move in and refuse to leave. Fleas or flea larvae can get into your home via other animals or even by hitching a ride on your socks or shoes. And while tickborne disease is rare in cats, your cat can bring in ticks that are harmful to you or your dog.

Bravecto For Cats is a topically applied flea and tick preventive that protects against fleas for 12 weeks, black legged ticks (deer ticks) for 12 weeks and the American Dog Tick for 8 weeks. It can be used on cats 2.6 pounds and larger and on kittens older than 6 months.

Owners can also take advantage of a mail in rebate that gives you significant savings.

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