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The team at Boston Street Animal Hospital has been caring for our three year old hound Annabel since she was 8 weeks old. They have helped us through allergic reactions (Annabel likes to eat bumble bees), ear infections (I’m really bad at cleaning ears), digestive blockages (Annabel also likes to eat fabric) and pharmaceutical poisoning (Annabel chewed a child-proof cap off some medicine). Yes, Annabel is our first dog, we have learned a lot about the dangers of household items and thanks to Boston Street Animal Hospital, they have repeatedly saved Annabel from our puppy-raising learning curve. In the more serious cases, they were quick to refer us to specialists for ultra-sounds and next-level care. They have always respected our financial needs and advised us on more cost-effective treatments. They carry themselves with both professionalism and warm sincerity. I highly recommend the Boston Street Animal Hospital.
-D. N.
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