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99 Lives to Improve Feline Medicine

The 99 Lives Cat Genome Sequencing Initiative has set out to do what has been done with humans, rats, mice, and dogs – to map out the feline genome. The Human Genome Project was an international project that mapped out human DNA…

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets

A survey from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) found that 78% of pet owners will likely buy their pet Christmas presents this year. There are so many great products available for pets, it’s hard to narrow it down! Here…

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Holiday Safety and Your Pets

The festive season is in full swing, and we love sharing the season with family and friends – including our pets. In order to make sure that all of your 2014 holiday memories are happy ones, here are some pet…

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The Yellow Dog Project

Have you ever seen a dog with a yellow ribbon on its collar or leash and wondered what it’s about? The Yellow Dog Project is a not-for-profit movement to help dog owners and the public identify dogs that need a little bit…

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Ebola and Your Pets

By Lynn Buzhardt, DVM The world is focused on Ebola, the people infected, and the medical personnel caring for patients. Since the isolation of the sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel belonging to Nina Pham, a nurse infected by Ebola in…

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A Salute to Military Working Dogs

Navy Seal and his dog rappelled from the scoreboard to the field of Cowboys Stadium in Texas to deliver the official game coin for the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals football game. The November 2 display was part of a…

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