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Facts About Heartworms and Dogs

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month. Dogs are not the only pets that can get Heartworm disease, but they’re the natural hosts for these deadly parasites – and the short story is, every dog’s best line of defense is a…

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Easter Safety and Your Pets

Peter Cottontail isn’t the only furry creature excited about Easter. Our dogs and cats love this time of year, with the warmer weather, greener grass, and interesting treats. Unfortunately, many of these “treats” will involve medical “treatment” if consumed. Here…

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March 23 is National Puppy Day!

Getting a puppy is a huge commitment – puppies are babies, so they will interrupt your sleep, require tons of attention and care, and they’ll make big messes. But raising a dog from puppyhood can also be immensely rewarding. If…

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Pet Poison Prevention Week

While no normal person would intentionally poison their pets, the reality is, many poisonings are preventable. While some toxins are pretty easy to spot, there are several household items that people don’t expect to be poisonous to pets. March 15 to 21 is Pet…

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Kiss Us, We’re Irish

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day – the day when we all want to be a little bit Irish! Despite being pretty tiny – about the size of the State of Indiana – the Emerald Isle has made a big contribution…

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