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Memorial Day Dangers To Watch For

Memorial Day weekend is almost here and with it, lots of grilling and swimming and outdoor fun to kick off the unofficial beginning of summer. As with any holiday, your pet may be exposed to toxins or dangers. Here are seven to watch for.

The Food
You or your guests might be tempted to share picnic fare with your dog. Fatty foods like hot dogs or hamburgers can cause intestinal distress or even pancreatitis, a painful and serious condition that usually requires a hospital stay. Don’t forget the desserts! Chocolate is toxic to dogs, so keep the brownies up and out of reach.

The Drinks
Alcohol is toxic to dogs, even in small amounts. Keep your adult beverages away from your pets, and avoid a trip to the Pet ER.

The Grill
The smell of cooking food might be tempting to your dog.  Never leave your lit grill unattended and be sure to keep hot coals, charcoal and lighter fluid away from your pets.

The Weather
Make sure your pet has adequate water, shade and rest time.  Pets that are not yet acclimated to the warmer weather after being mostly indoors all winter are more likely to tire easily or be at risk for heat stroke.

The Front Door
Make sure your visitors know to not let the dog out!  If you have indoor cats, it is probably safest to confine them to an enclosed area with food, water and a litterbox and make sure that room stays off limits to friends. Dogs should always be leashed if you don’t have an enclosed back yard.

The Visitors
Do your visitors have small children or are they bringing their dog along too? Make sure you introduce dogs slowly. If your pets are unaccustomed to small children, make sure the kids and their parents know that your dog doesn’t really want attention and to be cautious.

The Pool
Did you know that not all dogs can swim? If you have a pool or if you are visiting a place with a pool, keep an eye out! Some dogs can’t resist jumping right in. Even dogs that can swim can get tired and if they can’t get out of the pool on their own, drowning is a risk.  Never let your dog swim in a pool without supervision.


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