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Introducing Veterinary Recommended Solutions Rx Diets and Supplements

As many of you know, and already have your pets on many supplements, BSAH offers complimentary medicine to help your pet thrive and to slow down progression of many diseases through nutraceutical supplementation.

We are always looking to make chronic medication easier and more affordable, without compromising quality.

We are now offering a new company to supply some of our nutraceuticals, VRS, Veterinary Recommended Solutions. We will still carry Standard Process and Rx Vitamins but they will be limited in supply and many will be special order from now on.

Standard Process and Rx Vitamins products are still an option for your pet, but will be available through special order only and require a 30 day notice for refills.

VRS offers some of the same nutraceutical products and veterinary prescription diets.  They offer at home refill and delivery options and discounts when auto shipment is set up or multiple bottles or bags are ordered. They offer free delivery. You will not have to come to the office for these refills and they will be delivered directly to your home.  If you prefer, you may pick them up, as we will keep them in stock.

We need to know, in advance, if you want to continue your supplementation with Standard Process OR if you want to switch to VRS. Please ask Jodi, or your veterinarian, Dr Danna or Dr Kip, if there is an alternative option for the supplements that you are currently giving to your pets.  

VRS are also making Prescription Diets.  I’m very impressed with VRS’s dedication, making human grade, non-gmo, and grain free RX diets.  They offer “Transparent Nutrition,” which tests every bag of food for chemicals, fertilizers, toxins, lead and many other harmful food fillers found in many pet food diets, even in our current veterinary prescription diet brands. Even their food packaging is designed to push out excess air with a one way valve to keep the food fresh and prevent rancidity.  They offer a money back guarantee if your pet does not like the food. There is currently no option for canned food . Due to VRS’s strict policies and standards, they have not found a canning company that meets those standards but we have been told they are working on making a wet/canned food available soon.

Please call us with questions.  We look forward to providing your pet with the best medicine and preventative care that veterinary medicine has to offer!

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